The Sugar Bowl difference can be summed up as CRAPNM.
Fortunately, we don’t live in a world of acronyms. Here’s what makes us sweet:

Creative Edge

Approved, compliant content doesn’t have to be boring. We challenge ourselves to develop provocative, memorable, eye-popping content while maintaining a consistent tone of voice.

Resource Rich

Embedded within the Haystack suite of services, Sugar Bowl has direct access to our sister teams’ unrivaled expertise in digital rights management, search engine optimization, web design, branding/logo design, event production, animation/motion graphics, and video/photography production. With instant, unlimited access to the other teams for all DRM, design, and production needs, Sugar Bowl is sweeter than the average digital agency.

Audience First

Unlike a traditional social media marketing agency that begins their process with creative content, and then forcing that content into various social channels, Sugar Bowl starts by looking at the ideal target audience. We then customize our content for every unique audience. You need a destination before planning the journey.

Precision Targeting

We’ve developed a proprietary method of 3D, quant-based, Google analytics incorporated audience targeting. Our process allows us to uncover key interests and characteristics within those coveted demographics. We use that specialized data to create more effective content, and to identify and connect with the strongest influencers.

Nimble & Flexible

Social media is relationship media, and these odd, amorphous, digital relationships take time to develop. Brands are constantly searching for the perfect tone, bullseye audience, and optimal performance zone (whatever the hell that means). We adapt to the ever-changing landscape of social media by being nimble, flexible, efficient, and oh so patient.

Modern Publishing

Our streamlined approach includes a client dashboard that enables exceptional speed-to-market, and saves an overwhelming amount of time and effort in the process. Content generation and client communication have never been so simple. Our content does not post until all identified decision-makers grant sequential approval.

We are a division of Haystack Needle.

Sugar Bowl’s content marketing capabilities are supported by the services of Haystack Digital, Haystack Reputation, Haystack Resolution, Fearless Company, and Nomeni.

The primary base of our work comes from partnering with consumer, investor, public affairs, and corporate communications firms to provide an optimal medium for the messages they craft on behalf of their clients.