Our Process

How we do it

Cooking time: 1-6 months

Step One – Social Media Discovery & Strategy

We look into how you’re currently leveraging social media and analyze your competition to recommend a social and content strategy unique to your business. This includes recommending campaigns to help you achieve your business objectives.

Step Three – Channel Development

We create and optimize your social media profiles across each channel to ensure you are easily findable by your audience. We also create a series of owned posts to distribute across channels so when people land on your page – they get a sense of who you are and the interesting types of content you’ll be sharing to entice people to hit the follow button.

Step Five – Distribute and Amplify Content

Our creative director and designers develop posts across channels. We also identify campaigns (streams of content) to amplify through paid campaigns to ensure you’re hitting the right audiences with timely, personable messaging.

Step Two – Creative Direction

We leverage your brand identity to develop templates and establish your brand voice which we thread across your social media channels and any campaigns that we develop here on out.

Step Four – Content Creation

Our client strategists work with you to recommend a content strategy to achieve concrete, data-backed results. We then develop a content calendar and either work with teams across Haystack (or your internal teams) to produce content for each channel. Volume is an important factor in the success of your social media efforts – we look across your business to help identify pieces of content so that you can develop an in-house content engine that runs seamlessly.

Step Six – Reporting & Optimization

Our community managers monitor your brand across channels and report on conversations taking place. We leverage this information to deliver ongoing reports to optimize our strategy on a continuous basis.