Executive Producer

Townsend Belisle

Townsend is the Executive Producer of Sugar Bowl, a division of Haystack Needle, and he has a sweet tooth for clever content and height-defying metrics.

“T” (as we call him) has trekked the landscapes of digital and stage for over 25 years. The son of two music teachers, T began his career as a waiter, an innkeeper, a performer and then a talent agent at William Morris Agency before producing hundreds of websites, events, meetings, apps, presentations, videos, print and brand campaigns on behalf of the chefs-en-croûte of media mainstays Broadstreet, RJO, Organic and Eyeball. He launched Haystack at the finest hour of the financial crisis in 2008.

Clients include American Express, Anthem, Bunge, Coty, Martin Marietta, McKinsey & Company, Moet Hennessy, New York Times, PayPal, Roust, Showtime, and Whole Foods; five of the top ten global private equity firms, a few top law firms and many activist investors.

A graduate of Skidmore College, Townsend also holds various audio and design certifications from SVA and NYU.

Townsend Belisle