November 2022

Elon Takes Over, Pay for Verification and Claim Your YouTube Handle

  • LinkedIn adds new accessibility features, including auto-captions on videos
  • LinkedIn once again reports ‘record engagement’ in latest performance update
  • LinkedIn adds new security features, including new info on when an account was created
  • Tweet Editing - the most anticipated social media feature, maybe ever, is now live for some users
    • Data suggests Twitter Blue take-up hasn’t significantly increased since the addition of Tweet Editing
  • Twitter continues testing/progressing for its new ‘Status’ indicators (i.e "Watching Football" or "Unpopular Opinion")
  • Twitter’s testing a new option to restrict who can Mention you in the app
  • Elon Musk takes control of Twitter, cuts several execs and de-lists Twitter from the Stock Exchange
  • Musk tasks Twitter staff with creating a New, $8/mo Twitter Blue offering which includes Verification
  • Facebook’s developing a new option to invite a co-author for your Reels clips
  • Facebook announces the retirement of ‘Instant Articles’ - the latest step in the reformation of the app

  • YouTube launches @handles for Channels