July 2022

Facebook & Instagram Fight to Keep Up with Tik-Tok, Musk Continues to Have Cold Feet Over Twitter Buy-Out

  • LinkedIn launches initial rollout of its new ‘Funny’ reaction
  • Elon Musk teeters on whether or not to pursue Twitter buy-out, questioning how many profiles on the platform are spam/robots
  • New study shows Twitter is the most used social media platform among journalists
  • Instagram launches testing of "expanded profile picture" display 
  • Now you can pin up to three posts and/or Reels on your Instagram profile
  • Meta’s looking to encourage more Reels use, with new remix options in Instagram and Creator Studio
  • Instagram tests updated TikTok-like full-screen format for its main Feed
  • Instagram adds new age verification features to better detect and protect younger users

  • COO Sheryl Sandberg leaves after 14 years at the company (she played a key role in developing Facebook's ad business)
  • Similar to Instagram, reports point to a more TikTok-style content recommendation approach for Facebook feeds

  • Around 75% of YouTube’s logged in user base are now interacting with Shorts content
  • YouTube’s removing the option to hide Subscriber counts