August 2022

LinkedIn Adds Carousel Posting Format, Musk Tries to Get Out of Twitter Deal, Instagram Allows Reels Promotions

  • LinkedIn launched a native carousel posting option - AKA no more using the PDF workaround for carousel posts!
  • LinkedIn’s looking to put more emphasis on re-posting by making "repost" a default engagement option, as opposed to sharing with your own comments
  • Musk is looking to exit the Twitter takeover deal
  • Instagram adds "Boost" promotion option to Reels
  • Instagram launches initial test of new ‘Creator Marketplace’ influencer discovery -platform
    • Like Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager, Instagram’s Creator Marketplace will help you find the right creative partners for your campaigns

  • Facebook adds new, exclusive content options for paying subscribers to help creators build their audiences

  • YouTube’s added a new option to cut your long-form videos into Shorts
  • YouTube adds Shopify integration