June 2022

LinkedIn Feed Changes, Musk’s Purchase is on Hold, Facebook Moves Away From Podcasts

  • Change is coming to your LinkedIn feed - because people have had enough of the many, many polls. LinkedIn will now downrank engagement-baiting posts and polls
  • Musk has questioned Twitter’s fake account metrics, which may cause more complications in his Twitter takeover bid
  • Twitter launches new promotional campaign for Spaces and Live Audio Chats
  • Twitter adds a new option to pin tweets within Communities - The option will enable Community mods to pin selected Community tweets to the top of the timeline, which could help to spark engagement
  • NFTs are coming to Meta’s apps, with Instagram launching an initial test of its new NFT display options
  • Instagram’s testing a new Stories UI which could have big implications for your content strategy - The test limits the amount of Stories frames that a user can see without manually tapping for more

  • Facebook is removing support for podcasts, just 10 months after launching new podcast features