February 2023

LinkedIn Reports Record Levels of Engagement, Twitter Checkmarks Explained

  • LinkedIn removes ‘Curious’ reaction option on posts
  • LinkedIn looks to boost Newsletter discovery by showcasing which Newsletters users are subscribed to
  • LinkedIn now up to 900 million Members, continues to see ‘record levels’ of engagement
  • Twitter will allow Political Ads once again, while also relaxing its rules around Cause-Based promotions
  • New Checkmark system:
    • Blue = Either the account was verified under Twitters previous verification criteria (active, notable, and authentic), or the account has an active subscription of Twitter Blue
    • Gold = Indicates the account is an official business account
    • Grey = The account represents a government institution or official, or a multilateral organization
  • Twitter outlines roll-out plan for alternative Feeds, updated Bookmarks UI and long-form Tweets
    • Most of these features are rumored to come throughout February
    • Twitter has already rolled out a "Only Users That You Follow" feed
  • Meta announces the reinstatement of former President Donald Trump
  • YouTube experiments with suggested hashtags for Shorts clips - ideally helping YouTube better categorize content
  • YouTube adds location tagging to Shorts
  • YouTube launches new ‘Study Hall’ initiative which will enable users to earn college credits online
  • TikTok officials are discussing new, algorithmic transparency measures with US government