February 2024

New Year, New Social Updates

We're a full month into 2024, and the social-scape is kicking off with a bang!
Check out our summary of recent changes below:

  • LinkedIn will remove its lookalike audience targeting option as of February 29th, and we recommend against using the alternative Audience Expansion tool
  • After a short-lived feature change, X brings back headlines to website cards
  • X enables premium subscribers to list open jobs on their personal profiles; perhaps a nod towards X trying to compete with LinkedIn and aligning with Elon's goal to create an all-in-one platform
  • Meta launches new engaged view attribution option for video ads
  • Meta removes health, race, and/or ethnicity targeting options for ad campaigns; this shouldn't impact the majority of B2B-focused advertisers 
  • Meta establishes new disclosure requirements for digitally altered ad content 
  • Threads experiences increased download momentum amid EU launch
  • Threads enables options to hide like and share counts and rumors to launch "post drafts" soon
  • Threads temporarily (accidentally?) launched an option to filter timelines chronologically, perhaps giving an unintentional glimpse into a future feature
  • YouTube adds Playlist Analytics YouTube thumbnail A/B testing option coming soon
  • Reddit’s IPO may hit the market in March at a $5B valuation
  • TikTok experiments with 30-minute video length