January 2021

Sweet Update #11

  • LinkedIn has added a new 'swipe up' link option for LinkedIn Stories - bit it's not available to all users just yet.
  • LinkedIn has changed the name and focus of its 'Emerging Jobs' report to highlight rising areas of opportunity in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • LinkedIn has added some new control features which enable users to restrict who can reply to their posts, and what they see in their feed.
  • Twitter has acquired podcast listening and community app Breaker as it looks to build upon its new audio Spaces feature.
  • Twitter's new verification policy comes into effect this week, which means all currently verified profiles that don't comply will lose their blue tick.
  • YouTube has added new hashtag showcase pages, which provide full-page overviews of videos which have included specific hashtags.
  • YouTube is launching a live test of its new process which will enable creators to tag products within their video clips.
  • Facebook is rolling out a new update for Pages for public figures and creators, which, importantly, de-emphasizes Likes in favor of Following.

  • Instagram's testing a new layout of Stories presentation on the desktop version of the platform.
  • Instagram's testing out a new toggle that would give users the option to hide like counts on their posts.