February 2021

Sweet Update #13

  • LinkedIn is reportedly developing a new freelance marketplace which will enable users to find and book relevant contract workers.
  • LinkedIn has launched the first stages of a new plan to develop a support framework for content creators on the platform, which will ultimately lead to new advertising and promotional opportunities through the app’s most influential users.
  • Twitter added more users and posted a record profit result in Q4 2020.
  • As audio social platform Clubhouse continues to gain momentum, Twitter is working to upgrade and roll out its own variation on the same. Their app is called 'Spaces'.
  • YouTube has confirmed that its TikTok clone, called 'Shorts', will see a full expansion to US users 'in the coming weeks'.
  • YouTube has added some new analytics options to help improve channel performance.
  • Facebook is adding Shopify Pay as a new payment option within Facebook and Instagram Shops.
  • Facebook will reduce the amount of political content in people's News Feeds as part of a test to see how people respond.
  • Facebook is reportedly developing its own audio connection platform to compete with Clubhouse.

  • Instagram has announced that it's taking extra measures to disincentivize TikTok re-posts within Reels.
  • After a spate of race-based attacks against footballers in the UK, Instagram is taking a tougher stance against abuse directed at users via DM.
  • Instagram will soon enable users to go live with up to three people at a time on a single stream.