March 2021

Sweet Update #14

  • LinkedIn has added some new tools for company pages, facilitating employee advocacy, audience data gathering and promotion.
  • Twitter has re-launched a test of warning prompts on tweets that contain potentially offensive comments.
  • Twitter's looking to add a new option which would automatically block trolls in your mentions.
  • Twitter's added some new visual additions for Fleets, with 'Twemoji' stickers.
  • Twitter continues to develop its new audio Spaces features as it looks to tap into the audio social trend.
  • Twitter's working on a new Twitter card option for eCommerce that would link users through to a product purchase page.
  • Twitter is working on an 'Undo' option that would enable you to stop a tweet from being sent before going out with typos.
  • YouTube is adding a new option that will enable parents to better monitor their child's in-app viewing activity.
  • Facebook has launched a new campaign to encourage people not to limit in-app data tracking.
  • In what could be a significant turning point for social media moderation, Facebook has responded to the initial rulings from the new Oversight Board.
  • With the 2020 US Presidential Election behind us, Facebook will now allow political ads on its platform once again.
  • Facebook will now give users around the world more options to reduce political content in their feeds.

  • Instagram chief Adam Mosseri says that the platform is looking at several options around the display of post likes - potentially giving users the option to hide like counts.