March 2021

Sweet Update #15

  • Twitter will now enable advertisers to limit who can reply to their promoted tweets.
  • Twitter is testing a new way to display images, which will remove the cropped preview in tweet timelines.
  • Twitter is looking to launch Spaces for all users next month.
  • Twitter will now give users the option to turn off Fleets reactions sent via DM.
  • Twitter looks set to take the next big step with its Spaces audio social offering, playing with the idea of giving it a dedicated tab.
  • Twitter is testing an option that would enable people to view tweeted YouTube clips in-stream.
  • YouTube will now provide more insight into how people are viewing your video content, with data on your connected TV audience.
  • YouTube has expanded the roll-out of its pre-publish copyright check tool, which could save creators a lot of headaches.
  • YouTube is expanding its 'Shorts' short video option to US users, with a beta launch beginning last week.
  • Facebook is looking to ramp up its push against TikTok with a new test to share Reels clips to Facebook.
  • Facebook is launching more monetization tools for creators, including a focus on short video clips.
  • Facebook's looking to launch its own Clubhouse challenger, with an additional option for its Rooms feature.

  • Instagram is testing a handy new automated closed captions sticker for IG Stories.