April 2021

Sweet Update #16

  • LinkedIn is working on a new audio rooms product, similar to Clubhouse.
  • LinkedIn has added a new recruitment and training option called 'Skills Path' which enables employers to better qualify potential candidates.
  • Twitter is surveying users on the potential of a new reactions emoji set on tweets.
  • Twitter is expanding¬†its test pool as it looks to maintain the momentum behind its new audio social tool, as Clubhouse appears to be stumbling for the first time.
  • Spaces will soon be available on Desktop.
  • Twitter's working on a new option that would enable users to create sub-communities, and share their tweets within those selected groups only.
  • Instagram's adding a new option to save your Stories as drafts to be posted at a later stage.
  • After it was recently spotted in testing, Instagram has now officially launched its new Remix option for Reels.