October 2021

Sweet Update #28

  • Twitter continues its monetization push by bringing on-profile tipping to all users.
  • Your Twitter videos will now look better, thanks to a new update in the platform's playback process that leverages a higher quality viewing¬†experience.
  • Twitter's moving to the next stage with its new business and creator profiles option.¬†
  • Amid concerns around the mental health impacts of Instagram use, the company has decided to shelve its 'Instagram for Kids' project.
  • Instagram launches new 'Click to WhatsApp Message' ads to facilitate cross-app connection
  • Facebook experiments with removing data on individual Stories viewers -¬†removing insight on who's viewed your Facebook Story unless they leave a reaction or comment.
  • Facebook considers adding additional business-related context elements in ad display - providing more immediate context on advertisers, which could help to improve transparency.
  • Facebook launches Reels on Facebook to US users.
  • YouTube will now remove videos that share misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines.