October 2021

Sweet Update #29

  • LinkedIn shuts down in China amid rising regulatory pressure in the region
  • Twitter announces broader roll-out of the new Spaces tab - coming to all English-language users is a significant step in boosting Spaces discovery
  • Twitter looks to make it easier to access a chronological Feed of the latest tweets -┬áthe option will make it easier to essentially switch off Twitter's feed algorithm
  • Instagram is testing "Likes" on Stories - adding another engagement option
  • Looking to capitalize on the potential of live-stream shopping, Instagram's gradually building out its streaming tools and options - now giving users the ability to "schedule" a live-stream
  • The latest revelations from Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen show that the company may be losing touch with younger audiences - highlighting a steep decline in usage among younger users
  • Facebook's looking towards the next stage of digital connection, and playing a key role in facilitating new social and engagement activities as they announce a $10mil funding program for VR developers
  • YouTube will now remove videos thNew report finds YouTube facilitated 394,000 full-time equivalent jobs in the US in 2020
    • The report looks at YouTube's economic impact, with the platform now paying $10b to creators each year
  • YouTube adds new caption options, including the expansion of automatic captions for Live Streams - providing more accessibility capacity