November 2021

Sweet Update #32

  • A new study recently highlighted 25% of Twitter users produce 97% of all Tweets, underlining the 'dominance of the few' rule on social media, and its broader impacts
  • Twitter is rolling out improved labels for potential misinformation in Tweets via different types of alerts
  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stands down effective immediately, replaced by CTO Parag Agrawal
  • Instagram adds the option to remove a specific image from a carousel post
  • Instagram implements 'shake to report' functionality
  • Some users are now able to post 60-second videos in Stories, without them being split up into 15-second segments
  • Instagram's efforts to win back young users gives us reason to believe we will see video become the focus of the main feed
  • Facebook continues to work on a universal translation engine that would support and translate 128 different languages - opening up a new door for global connections and business opportunities

  • YouTube adds the option to reuse details from previous uploads to streamline the posting process