March 2022

Sweet Update #36

  • LinkedIn adds new elements to its 'Services' listings to help freelancers generate business
  • LinkedIn tests new option to switch off political posts in your feed
  • LinkedIn launches new podcast network to provide more professional and career-related content
  • Twitter tests new 'Articles' option, potentially enabling long-form posts in the app
  • Twitter expands test of Downvotes
  • Twitter tests new Direct DM option from Tweets, providing a streamlined way to start private conversations
  • Instagram experiments with longer Reels clips
  • Instagram adds 'Stories Likes' to provide insight on viewer engagement
  • Instagram launches automated captions for feed videos
  • Instagram continues to refine its video offerings, and hone in on Reels as its key engagement pathway - closing the separate IGTV App and removing in-stream video ads

  • Meta continues to bring in the big bucks, though the overall daily usage of Facebook has declined for the first time - losing 1 million daily active users

  • YouTube's creator funding models continue to solidify its position as the top online video platform - generating $28.8 billion in ad revenue in 2021
  • YouTube adds new Shorts Shelf in channel listings, continuing its push on short-form content