May 2022

YouTube Shorts gain traction, Elon buys Twitter, and LinkedIn revenue is up 34%

  • LinkedIn has once again lost its appeal to stop third-party platforms from accessing and using LinkedIn member info
  • LinkedIn adds new profile Links and Newsletter Promotion options to personal profiles
  • LinkedIn continues to see ‘record levels’ of engagement, with revenue up 34%
  • Twitter is testing a "Status Indicator Marker" within tweets - providing users with another way to add further context to their tweets
  • Twitter confirms they are working on an Edit button (thanks, Elon!)
    • If implemented, all signs point to the tweet then having "edit history" visible
  • Twitter launches initial test of new ‘Unmention’ option, which would enable users to remove themselves from chats
  • Twitter board agrees to $44 billion sale to Elon Musk
  • Instagram’s removed In-Stream Video Ad Placements from its advertising options
  • Instagram is updating its ranking algorithm to put more focus on original content (or so they say...)
  • Instagram launches live test of 'Pinned Posts' on user profiles
  • Instagram tests 90 sec Reels

  • Numerous reports suggest Meta is close to launching its initial push into NFTs and an in-app currency

  • The new Search Insights tab will provide data on what people are searching for in the app, and on your channel specifically
  • YouTube Shorts now up to 30 billion daily views - giving YouTube a reason to start testing ad placements in Shorts