October 2020

Sweet Update #5

  • Twitter is testing a new 'suggested follows' listing to help improve account discovery.
  • Twitter is looking to make more users add their own thoughts to their retweets by removing the current menu of retweeting options in the process - leaving only the "Quote Tweet" functionality.
  • Twitter has announced some new election integrity measures, including a ban on calls for intimidation at polls and retweet warnings on questionable claims. 
  • Twitter looks to be testing a new prompt which would ask users if they want to hide potentially offensive replies to their tweets.

  • YouTube tests new warnings on potentially harmful comments as well as the auto-deletion of 'Held for Review' comments
  • YouTube is testing a new process which would enable creators to tag and track all products in their video clips, essentially turning YouTube into a major product showcase.

  • Facebook has announced that it will no longer allow Holocaust denial content on its platform, a significant step in its misinformation approach.

  • Instagram is adding some new, automated warning prompts to deter people from posting potentially offensive remarks.