November 2020

Sweet Update #6

  • LinkedIn has added some new features to enhance its virtual events offering, while it's also giving all users access to its new video meeting tools. 
  • LinkedIn is now up to 722 million Members and continues to see 'record levels of engagement'.

  • Twitter will now enable users to share topic lists, another way to expand relevant tweet discovery.
  • Twitter has updated the composer element of its Ads Manager, making it easier to see what your promoted tweets will look like before you launch your campaign.

  • YouTube is working on the next stage of its Shorts video feature as it looks to tap into the rising popularity of TikTok.
  • YouTube has added some new viewing tools, including new visual chapter listings, simplified format switching, and a new way to access captions.

  • Facebook is giving users some new, simple options to sort their order in which content is presented in their News Feed.
  • Facebook is expanding the availability of Facebook Dating, with several European nations getting access to the option.

  • Instagram will now allow all users to live-stream for up to 4 hours, uninterrupted, while it's also adding a new archive function for IG Live broadcasts.