November 2020

Sweet Update #8

  • Twitter is dialing back the roll-out of its new Fleets function due to system issues in handling the increased usage load.
  • Twitter is expanding its warning pop-ups on tweets which include disputed claims.
  • Twitter says that it's looking to re-open account verification, but it's looking for community input into what its new guidelines should be.

  • YouTube has announced new rules around monetization of content not in the YouTube Partner Program.

  • Facebook has released the latest version of its Community Standards Enforcement Report, which now includes a specific section on the prevalence of hate speech.
  • Facebook is partnering with the Better Business Bureau to combat scammers looking to dupe Facebook users over the holiday period.
  • Facebook has signed an exclusive deal to broadcast the Indian cricket team's latest tour of Australia, which could help boost Watch viewership in India.

  • Instagram has added some new revenue opportunities (branded content) for creators, which could help Reels stars, in particular, generate better deals.
  • Instagram is testing a new FAQ option for business accounts to help brands provide quick responses to common customer queries.