January 2023

We’re Adding TikTok and Reddit, Twitter Makes More Adjustments, LinkedIn Previews Search Options, Facebook Focuses on Metaverse

  • LinkedIn previews new job and B2B product search options coming in 2023 - including new job category filters, which align with trending career shifts, and improved search options for product listings in the app
  • Twitter adds new stock pricing info to cashtag searches
  • Twitter now displays tweet reach metrics up-front on Tweets
  • Twitter’s developing a new ‘human’ test for accounts to combat bots in the app
  • Twitter announces the re-launch of its paid verification plan, with a price increase on iOS
  • A new app called “handle.horse” tracks the status of Twitter handles so you can snap up the profile name you’ve always wanted
  • Elon Musk says an ‘Ad Free’ version of Twitter Blue is coming
  • Twitter implements new rules banning links to other social platforms
  • Twitter switches brand profile avatars to squares to counter impersonation
  • Twitter rolls out priority Tweet ranking and longer video uploads to Blue subscribers
  • Meta has threatened to ban news publishers amid a debate over new revenue share proposal
  • Meta will continue to invest big in the metaverse in 2023, according to CTO

  • Reddit announces ‘Future Tellers’ marketing insights event for CES 2023, to highlight its value as a market research and audience insights tool

  • A new TikTok report has shown that young users are increasingly turning to TikTok for news content