June 2024

X Removes Likes Tab, Threads Adds Real-Time Discovery, Reddit Tightens Third-Party Parameters

  • X is hiding the post likes tab for all users, but you can still see likes on a post 
  • Twitter is gone; x.com is now the app's primary domain
  • Threads adds view counts on posts
  • Threads is leaning into real-time discovery by adding a recent filter for search results in the native app
  • Instagram is bringing notes to more places, including in-feed and reels
  • Threads’ TweetDeck-like desktop display is coming to all users
  • YouTube expands testing of its AI-powered jump ahead option, which will provide a new way to skim through video clips
  • Reddit establishes new parameters for third-party data usage
  • For those using automation tools for social listening, we encourage you to double check your connection is uninterrupted on the platform