October 2022

You Can Edit Published Tweets, IG Scales Back In-Stream Shopping, YouTube Doubles Down on Shorts

  • LinkedIn has added a few new features for Company Pages (i.e Post Templates and Link Stickers)
    • TBD if these are worth seriously considering. The initial reaction is they should be used tactfully, if at all, otherwise, there's a risk of looking "cheesy"
  • Twitter has finally launched the first stage of live testing for what’s arguably the most requested social media platform addition of all-time – the capacity to edit a tweet after posting
  • Ahead of the US midterms, Twitter announces it's expansion of "Birdwatch" - a crowd-sourced fact-checking program
  • Twitter tests new 'Tweet View Count' display
  • IG users haven’t been overly excited about the opportunity to shop in the app, hence Instagram is scaling back its in-stream shopping elements to reassess
  • Videos under 60 seconds in Stories will no longer be split into segments

  • YouTube continues to expand its monetization options for short-form content